Siekon Energy’s Participation at the 26th International Power Industry and ENEX Review

The 26th International Power Industry and Renewable Sources of Energy Fair ENEX recently took place in Kielce, Poland from February 7th to February 8th. As a prominent provider of the energy industry, Siekon Energy actively participated in the event to showcase our cutting-edge products and services. What did we do at the ENEX exhibition? This article will provide a review of our participation at the event and the innovative products and solutions we presented.


What is ENEX?

ENEX is an international trade fair for the energy sector that takes place annually in Kielce, Poland. It serves as a significant meeting point for companies in the fields of conventional and renewable energy production. The expo provides leading companies in the energy industry from around the world a platform to showcase the latest technologies. The 26th ENEX featured new trends and industry achievements in the renewable energy sector across all seven expo halls at Targi Kielce.


Siekon Energy's Participation at ENEX

During the event, We showcased insights in various fields, including Replacement Battery For Lead-acid, Energy Storage Lithium Battery, Residential Inverter, and on-grid and off-grid customized solutions.

  1. Replacement Battery For Lead-acid:

We unveiled our latest replacement battery for lead-acid, featuring a comprehensive range of options including 12V, 24V, 36V, and 48V batteries ranging from 50Ah to 480Ah. After five years of dedicated research and development, we introduced a new matrix of lithium-iron phosphate batteries. This innovative lineup offers tailored usage scenarios, optional functions, and various sizes to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

  • Specific Usage Scenario:

We upgraded the previous one-size-fits-all battery model to specific batteries tailored for matching specific usage scenarios. Our range now covers applications from traction for trolling motors and golf carts to Energy Storage Systems (ESS) and backup power for RVs, solar systems, and camping adventures.

  • Optional Functions:

In response to diverse customer needs, we have developed several series with multiple functions. These include the smart series, self-heating series, plus series, and mini-series, offering enhanced features and capabilities to meet various requirements.




  • Optional Sizes:

Furthermore, we have expanded our battery offerings from single size to optional sizes, including Group 24, Group GC2, Group GC8, Group 31, Group 4D, and Group 8D. This upgrade provides customers with more flexibility and choice in selecting the right battery size for their specific applications.



  1. Energy Storage Lithium Battery & Residential Inverter

We presented our energy storage lithium battery, designed for reliable power storage in residential and commercial settings, along with our residential inverter for converting and managing energy from renewable sources.


  1. On-grid and Off-grid Customized Solutions

We demonstrated our on-grid and off-grid customized solutions, addressing the diverse energy needs of customers in different settings.



Siekon Energy’s participation in the 26th ENEX was a great success, with fruitful interactions with partners from around the world and the establishment of solid foundations for future development. We remain committed to innovation and sustainability in the energy sector, driving progress towards a more efficient and environmentally friendly energy landscape. We extend gratitude to all attendees for their attention and support at our booth and look forward to continued growth and collaboration in the future.