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SIEKON Showcased Its Battery Energy Storage System at 134th Canton Fair

SIEKON Showcased Its Battery Energy Storage System at 134th Canton Fair

At 134th Canton Fair, SIEKON introduced its reliable BESS solutions to the market, including energy storage batteries and inverters for residential use. The company discussed the future of solar energy with partners and shared the insights on differences between regions.

SIEKON highlighted its off-grid and hybrid-grid solution to meet the diverse needs of customers. Whether houses are limited by underdeveloped power grids or struggling with high peak electricity prices, SIEKON can all provide customized energy storage solutions.

In the fair, two types of inverters are presented. One is SH1-5000, with a rated output power of 5 KW and a maximum conversion efficiency of 97.8%, equipped with 2 MPPTs, is designed for hybrid grid systems. The other is SO1-5000, also featuring MPPT and a rated output power of 5 KW, is designed for off-grid systems. Both inverters utilize UPS technology to ensure quick and stable switching between power modes.

SIEKON also showcased three types of storage battery, with mounted models of WM6 & WM8, rack model of RM1 and stackable model of SM1. All batteries are easy to install and supports parallel connection of up to 16 packs, meeting various capacity needs.

The 134th Canton Fair comes to an end with a fruitful outcome. SIEKON believes the future belongs to green energy. We're not only power your business, we're also alongside with you to green our future.

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