Siekon is your best choice for pursuing individuality and quality of life.

Established in 2003, Siekon Energy has been rooted in the field of new energy for 20 years, boasting extensive experience. Throughout these two decades, we have consistently aimed to be the energy brand that understands consumers the best. By providing comprehensive, timely, and effective services, along with continuous technological innovation, we have introduced new energy products that meet consumer needs.

10 years ago, we delved into the manufacturing and assembly of new energy vehicles, identified limitations, and introduced a systematic solution that has since become the mainstream electric drive solution in the market.

5 years ago, recognizing the various drawbacks of consumers using traditional batteries, SIEKON once again ventured into the field of lithium iron phosphate batteries. In 2022, we successfully launched lithium iron phosphate battery products, and as of 2023, we have upgraded to the 2.0 phase. We believe this innovation will once again lead the market.

Siekon safeguards your trust

Our global team of nearly 2,000 people is committed to providing consumers with comprehensive, timely, and effective services. Supported by our commitment to quality and reliability, we offer an industry-leading 10-year warranty, ISO 9001-certified engineering and quality control systems, and US-based lifetime technical support.

Siekon, seeking on!

Green is the future, and Siekon will continue to seek innovation, uphold the principle of customer-first, and bring our ideas about energy to life.